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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Outdoor Expedition Part I

Children and the outdoor spaces are deeply interconnected.

A child’s place is definitely in the outdoors as nature plays an elementary role in their development. Yet, leaving for expeditions in the outer environment raises many concerns for each parent. They either worry too much, or don’t worry at all. Below you can find some helpful advice for your outdoor exploration with your children.

As tempting as it may be to keep your child in the safety of your hour house or of your back yard, or even of the park you go on a daily basis, you should be more endearing, step outside the safety zone, and try new things, more fresh air, and new areas. It will only be beneficial for your little man. It is best that each time you go ahead to the outdoors you pick your place wisely considering two or more from these elements: grass, trees, sand, mud, water, flowers or animals.

Once, children had numerous places for free play. They played everywhere, on the streets, sidewalk, alleys, be it park or a vacant parcel that the city offered. In the suburbs or villages they took advantage of the forests, rivers or fields. The opportunities were limitless and that with little or no parental supervision. Nobody worried something might happen. Now, the situation has changed considerably. Parents worry and are fearful so they carefully supervise every step their child makes. Therefore, children usually stay and play indoors or most of they outdoors activities consist of learning and playing sports.

Still, parents should go head for the outskirts of the city to allow their children to play in the woods, to head for the lake or the river or to run around the grassy fields. Remember, children can easily get bored. This is why they can choose from a variety of outdoor games they can play.

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